zCloudCommerceTM (Cloud Computing for business) will help business to "grow revenue and profits through greater efficiency, increased time savings and an enhanced customer experience"  [learn how]

Solutions that integrate and play well

Don't lose your brand identify

High level of Security and data protection

Take your business to a new level
zCloudCommerce cloud solutions support many of your workflows, integrate with each other and do not require costly customization to connect with your existing infrastructure. zCloudCommerce allows you to do what you do best - grow your business. Every cloud solution in the market forces you to use their brand.  On zCloudCommerce's platform you will use YOUR proud brand in every solution, inside and outside the company! SSL encryption during data transit; Encryption of data at rest; Malware monitoring; Redundancy; Disaster Recovery; Backups; etc., combined with 99.9% uptime guarantee shows our strong commitment to business data protection and security. By using zCloudCommerce, you have the tools you need to accelerate your business forward; marketing, sales ordering, customer experience, productivity and supplier management are all at your fingertips. Go for it!


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